Video Production

Lights, camera, action! Video production is the art of creating visual content that can guiltlessly be binged on. From creating compelling ads that reek of #brandgoals to informing viewers about the latest technology trends, the process is a meticulously coordinated dance of ideation, scripting, shooting, editing, and post-production. From brainstorming quirky ideas to perfecting the final cut, video production demands hard work, dedication and some major caffeine-induced all-nighters. So if you’re ready to bring your vision to life and leave your mark in the industry, grab your camera, your laptop, and let’s roll!


Looking for some #reel good content for your next project? Check out this video production portfolio! It’s guaranteed to make your eyes pop and your creativity flow.

The video production process has several stages that we’ll take you through. First, we’ll ideate and write a concept and script during pre-production. Then, we’ll move on to the filming stage where we’ll ensure that everything looks and sounds great with our gear and technical skills. During post-production, we’ll perfect the video with editing, sound design, and visual effects. Our clients are an important part of the process, collaborating with us through every step and directing us on their specific needs. We look to maintain open communication and creative problem-solving to bring our clients’ vision to fruition.

Types of Video Production We Offer
Promotional Video

Your promotional video is as vital as your business card to introduce and create excitement about your company’s products and services. Video also has many purposes within your business, ranging from training employees to targeted marketing. Video augments your existing marketing materials with music, voice and visual representation of what you can do for your customers.

Documentary Video

Businesses and organizations spend large amounts of money for training, promotional and special events, and fund raisers. Documentation of these live events serves multiple purposes from creating raw material for re-purposing in video to allowing information to be shared long distance or after-the-fact with employees, volunteers, or funders. Documenting expensive events stretches your budget and your reach.

Educational Video

Video has tremendous educational value in conjunction with more traditional educational formats. Video provides learners with an emotional experience that helps reinforce traditional teaching techniques, appeals to all learners, and benefits learners who respond best to aural and visual stimulation.

Motion Graphics

Many productions contain some content that doesn’t lend itself to videotaping and must be dynamically generated. That content might be logos, photographs, 3-D models, 2-D charts and graphs, and print information for opening titles, lower thirds, and closing credits. Give your production the professional look that comes from well-designed motion graphics.


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